Costume Crew

Jasmine Beals

Costume Crew

A sophomore with two years of theatre experience. Outside of school, Jasmine is a lifeguard and spends her time helping people in need. She plans on spending all four years of high school in the Tompkins Theatre Company. She would like to thank her mom and Sarah, for always supporting her. She would also like to thank Mrs. Morris and Mr. McManus for making some of my acting dreams come true.

Angela Luchetti

Costume Crew

A sophomore and a first time costume crew member. Recently, Angela has served as an assistant stage manager in Baskerville. Outside of theatre, Angela runs cross country and is the vice president of the class of 2023. She can’t wait for what the future of her career in the company brings! She would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her many activities and embracing them fully.

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