Tompkins Theatre Co.


Obra D. Tompkins High School

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tompkins Theatre Company?”

Tompkins Theatre Company is the name of our drama club which governs all extracurricular activities of the OTHS theatre program, including the International Thespian Society. Its primary purpose is to provide students with opportunities to further their knowledge and understanding of the theatrical arts through practical production work. Further, it wishes to work cooperatively with and give back to the surrounding community by providing quality arts programming. The Theatre Company is a student driven, parent/community supported organization.


“What’s the International Thespian Society?”

The International Thespian Society or ITS also falls under the umbrella of the Theatre Company. ITS is an international organization dedicated to young people who are interested in theatre. (See for more information). You must earn a minimum of ten “Thespian Points” by participating in plays and theatre related activities in order to join. Students may be inducted each year at the end of year at a special student induction ceremony with further recognition at the end of the year banquet. Students who are new to the Theatre Company (with less than 10 Thespian points) are considered apprentices to the Thespian troupe until they have earned enough Thespian points to be inducted.


“Who is eligible to join The Company?"

Currently, any student enrolled in a theatre class at Tompkins High School is eligible to join The Company.


What are the Theatre Company’s plans for this year?”

  • Meet several times during the year as a Company for all members to socialize, vote on important issues, and/or perform for each other.
  • Produce 2 main stage productions.
  • Produce a one act play and compete in UIL One Act Play Competition.
  • Select and train our ComedySportz HSL team and compete against other high schools in  CSzHSL matches.
  • Take a number of theatre students to Texas Thespian Convention in December.
  • Plan and prepare field trips for the theatre classes.

    “If I take a theatre arts class, do I have to join The Company?”

    No, but it sure would be a shame for you not to. You can only do so much in class. In the Theatre Company you can do and learn even more. Plus, it’s loads of fun.


    “If I join The Company, am I automatically in the cast or crew of the plays?”

    No.  The students must complete an audition packet for each play.   The directors will then hold auditions for acting roles and interviews for technical positions.


    “What’s ComedySportz High School League?”

    ComedySportz High School League (CSzHSL) is competitive improvisational theatre under the guidance of a professional ComedySportz trainer. Unlike "standup comedy" in which one performer tells pre-planned jokes to the audience, improvisational comedy involves a whole group of performers making up scenes and playing games on the spot based on audience suggestions. A CSzHSL match features two or more teams of comedy “actletes” competing for laughs and points, with a referee keeping things moving and calling fouls. Every show is different, with different players, different games, and different audiences supplying new suggestions.


    “Can I earn a letter jacket in Theatre?”

    Yes you can.  It requires earning a set number of Thespian Points and completing an upper-level theatre class.


    “How much does it cost?”

    The membership fee is $75.00 which includes a Tompkins Theatre Company t-shirt and car decal.


    “How do I join?”

    To join you must download/pick up and complete a membership packet, and pay the required fees.


    “How can Parents get involved?”

    Booster Club meetings are held monthly, and dates will appear under "Upcoming Events" on the home page of this website. Parents are welcome to attend and share their thoughts! Parents play a vital role in helping the theatre company succeed. In addition, parents can sign up to become a part of the production committee for main stage productions by filling out the volunteer form attached to your child's informational packet.


    “Who is the director and how do I contact them if I have questions?”

    In 2013, Maggie Rodriguez was very excited to be named Theatre Director as well as PAC Manager at Obra D. Tompkins High School.  Before moving to Tompkins, she had proudly served four years as the assistant theatre director at Seven Lakes High School.  Prior to teaching at Seven Lakes she had the privilege of teaching at Beck Junior High, FBISD and Royal ISD.  Overall she has 16 years of teaching experience at various levels.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications and Theatre with Vocal Music minor in 1997 from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  While in college she worked on numerous plays and musicals both academically and professionally.  Don’t hesitate to contact her at or 281-234-1076.