Meet our Crew

Abbi Serrano

Stage Manager


a senior with eight years of theatre experience. She has previously been in Eurydice, Baskerville, Once on this Island, Tom Jones, and Zombie Prom. Abbi serves as the current secretary for the TTC. She wants to thank her friends...also her shoes for supporting her feet, neck for supporting her head, arms for being at her side


Hari Seeram

Stage Manager

A senior and VP of Tompkins Theatre Company. He has been involved in theatre for as long as he can remember. His favorite show was Shrek The Musical. He has loved being a part of this program that has turned into his family. He cannot wait to start the next chapter of his life in college. He would like to thank his mom, dad and sister as well as his friends Donnie, Cole, Nick and Reese.


Cameron Strapp

Lights Designer

A Junior at Tompkins, he has done Lighting for several previous shows. Some of his favorite shows were Eurydice and Once on this Island. He is a Thespian, a Martial Arts instructor, and enjoys woodworking and engineering. He would like to thank his directors, parents, and the Booth Crew for all their support.

Sam Burzinski

Sound Crew Head

A senior, most recent works include playing Dr. John Watson in Baskerville, and a 45 minute analysis of a Garfield comic strip. He is the ComedySportz captain, and is also an Eagle Scout. Sam is known for his deep admiration for the primates of the world, his ability to hit the orange note in Guitar Hero with ease, and a stunningly adorable smile that can melt even the most frigid of hearts. He would like to thank Jake, Robert, Tyla, and Jeff for their technical mentorship, Mr. McManus, Mrs. Morris, and Mr. Matthew for their unending encouragement, and Max, Emily, Gus, Mom, Dad, and Donnie for being there every step of the way.

Ryan Kendall

Property Master

He is a sophomore at Tompkins with 5 years of theatre experience, his past rolls were Costello in Who’s on first,  Night Flight and set crew in Baskerville, arsenic and old lace, High school musical and the attempted murder of Peggy Sweetwater. He is also on the comedy sportz team this year and he would like to thank his mom, dad, brother and his friends for all the support

Maddie Culotta

Construction Crew Head

A senior, coming full circle from freshman year, when she served on set crew for Shrek. She would like to thank her parents for staying up late and listening to her talk...a lot, the booth crew, her friends, and her boyfriend.

Caleb Bernheisel

Construction Crew Head

A junior in his fourth year of theatre. He has previously been in Tom Jones, Once on this Island, and Eurydice. Besides theatre, he runs on the track team and plays board games. An interesting fact about Caleb is that he is a part of the TTC (Tompkins Theatre Company). Finally, he would like to thank his family.

Gannon Lara

Scenic Artist

She is a sophomore at Tompkins and has been doing theatre since 6th grade. Favorite roles include: Carol (Peanuts and Crackerjack), Ripper (High School Musical) and now paint crew head. She is a varsity lacrosse player and artist. She plans to continue theatre, and grow as a performer and technician. Thank you to her mom, dad, siblings, and friends for their support.

Marisa Saediono

Costume Head

A senior in her third year of theatre at Tompkins and she is so excited to be a crew head this year. Marisa has been in makeup and costumes crew for Once on this Island and Baskerville. Outside of school she does taekwondo and is a black belt and has also done ballet for 10 years. plan on attending University of Padua in Italy and study child psychology. thank you to my mum and dad and my three older siblings for all the support and help through the years.

Josh Rajan

Marketing Lead

A senior in his 7th year of theatre, he has previously been in Baskerville, Eurydice, Once on This Island, Tom Jones, and Shrek the Musical. Outside of theatre, Joshua enjoys graphic design and reading. He would like to thank his family and friends for making theatre such a great experience for him.

Emilio Lyle


A senior and excited to be apart of his sixth and final play at Tompkins. Emilio has worked hard as the engineer for the merry go round, water fountain and all other effects this year. He wants to thank his mom and his family for helping him when things got tough. He wants everyone to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.