Welcome to our Virtual Play Festival! We have 12 short plays that have been adapted to film. Click on each show poster to view the movie. We've produced these free for you because we believe that in a time like this accessibility to theatre is vital to keeping community together! However, if you feel so inclined, we would appreciate any and all donations! 


Loose Canon by Brian Reno and Gabriel Vega Weissman

A collection of short plays written in a variety of classical theatre styles satirizing the American consumer. 


Sure Thing by David Ives

The Philedelphia by David Ives

A chance meeting between two strangers at a cafe. However, every time the conversation heads in the wrong direction it gets reset by the ring of a bell. 

A man is stuck in a "Philadelphia" only receiving the opposite of what he asks for. Will he understand? Will he learn to be content? 

2020-09-22T19_56_47.380Z (1).jpg

The Day I Turned Into A Bird by Dave Osmundsen

Based on the short story "The Rememberer" Aimee Bender.  


The Actress by Ryan Kaminski

Who's On First by Abbot and Costello

Deception can be a tedious and annoying process.  

A take on the classic duo! 


The Camera, The Gerbil and

The Big Wide World by Kate Danley

Blooper Reel By Saarah Sultana
and Sarah Hennig

A woman named Mary reflects on her childhood where she meets a boy who changed her life forever. 

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