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International Thespians Festival Website

Location: Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana

Festival Dates:  June 19th - 23rd, 2023

  • LOCATION: Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana

  • DATES: 

    • Depart from Houston 06/18/2023

    • Return to Houston 06/24/2023


    • Last year the total cost per student was $1500 for travel, registration, meals provided each day, and housing. We are anticipating a similar cost this year.

      • Registration is $999 per individual, which is included in the $1500 cost

      • The cost of flights are dependent on the group rate we are able to get through the airlines, approximately $500 round-trip, included in the $1500.

    • It is suggested that students bring extra money for food at the airport and for any souvenirs they may want to purchase.


    • Students will stay in a dorm room on campus at Indiana University. Each floor of the dorm buildings are designated by gender.

    • 3 Meals are included with registration and provided each day through the campus dining hall meal-plans, with the exception of 06/18 (dinner only) and 06/24 (breakfast only).

    • There is an adult security captain assigned to each floor of the dorm buildings, and a curfew and required check-in are in place for the students.

    • There is a medical team on-site to treat illness and injury.


Congratulations to the
2022 International Thespian Festival Participants 


This year's International Thespian Festival was held at the Indiana University campus, just south of Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to competing with other national qualifying performers and technicians from across the country, the TTC attendees had the opportunity to see 8 full-length musical and play productions from around the nation, alongside numerous other interstate one-act plays. Students also attended training workshops in areas of performance, dance, technical production, writing for television and theatre, and marketing and arts administration. TTC participants also had the chance to chat and collaborate with nation-wide industry professionals, playwrights, and professors, along with 3,000 other national participants. After two years of digital attendance, this year's in-person International Thespian Festival was a memorable and refreshing experience that offered a broad scope of theatre productions, competitions, trainings, new friends, and memories!

In-Person International Thespian Festival Participants:

  • Sarah Hennig - Lighting Design, Seussical

  • Maryam Haidari - Scenic Design, Chemical Imbalance

  • Kaylen Drumwright and Jace Hernandez - Duet Acting, Belleville - Superior Ranking

  • Austin Atencio and Cole Clarke - Duet Acting, The Play about My Dad - Superior Ranking

  • Luciana Garza and Angela Luchetti - Duet Acting, Lettie

  • Maria Vargas Berlanga, Andrea Diaz, Makenna Lynch - Group Acting, The Revolutionists - Excellent Ranking


Virtual International Thespian Festival Participants:

  • Konner Klobedans - Marketing Design, Seussical - Superior Ranking

  • Santiago Cortes, Katelyn Bellows, Gabriela Carpio, Patricia Carpio, Konner Klobedans, Ryan Kendall, Aisha Choquette, - Group Musical, Come From Away, - Superior Ranking

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