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Auditions for performers and technicians will begin the week of January 22, 2024.
Rehearsals will continue through April 19, 2024, Monday-Friday 2:45pm-4:45pm

Performance Troupes and Troupe Directors


Scenes from Classical Theatre

Directors: Katelyn Bellows, Patricia Carpio, Johan Carreon, Carter Andry

Assistant Directors: Marisol Lopez Gamboa, Claire Pittman, Amanda Matos D’Lacoste



Directors: Kyndahl Wiseman, Konner Klobedans, Sophia Bernheisel, Maria Rebeca Castillo Chacin, Mariana Davalillo

Assistant Directors: Elisa Garcia, Maura Gastgeb, Maci Rudder


Directors: Aisha Choquette, Rizal Patagoc, Abigail Bernheisel, William Heywood, Bridget Collier

Assistant Directors: Ava Stone, Pranav Kothur


Short Film

Directors: Santiago Cortes Escalona, Niko Rigatos,

Assistant Directors: Precious Njoku, River Tadlock, Arthi Bhavaraju


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